SMART Home Technology for Wine Bars & Bistro’s

Turn your establishment into a more vibrant place to meet, drink, eat and socialise with SMART home technology for wine bars and bistros.

Control the ambiance as a conductor controls an orchestral, all at your fingertips. Enhance upbeat evenings, be in tune with more relaxed and laid back periods.

Control lighting throughout the bar or control individual zones. Create moods and scenes, alter from shades of white to colours. Lighting, and getting lighting right, is a major factor in creating that perfect ambiance. Imagine having the ability to control the ambient  constantly, or create pre-set moods and scenes. You can have the ability to change moods, intensity and colours as the evening progresses. SMART lighting is a great tool to have as no two evenings are the same – based on number of customers, age, gender and atmosphere you can alter the lighting mood accordingly ALL AT THE TOUCH OF A BUTTON.


Now you’ve got total control of the interior, don’t for get the outside! Many customers discover the amazing intimacy of the internal ambience by being attracted from the street! Consider the same options on illuminating your bar. You can create a “wow factor” instantly by creative and innovative lighting, which in turn sets expectations which your interior will deliver in abundance. Once again, you can have constant immediate control, or pre-set outside scenes based on time ALL AT THE TOUCH OF A BUTTON.

Now you’ve dealt with the lighting. Next, music!

By utilising Internet based streamed content, iPod or MP3 content, PC stored contact, or even the humble CD, you can create sound with incredible quality throughout the volume range. Choose speakers that are “anonymous” or make them a feature.

You now have complete control of the ambiance and mood of your bar, both inside and out! And don’t forget…ALL AT THE TOUCH OF A BUTTON.

Now, do you feel like a conductor? If needed any changes in numbers or mix of customers you can change the sound and visual mood of your bar – Wow!!

SMART technology for wine bars and bistros can make and amazing difference to how your customers perceive you, but more importantly can get you more customers.

Innovative, non-intrusive wireless technology enables an installation to be undertaken with little to no building disruption and can be commissioned during periods when the bar is closed.

Stand out in the street and make your bar “the place to be!”


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