Smart Security Solutions

According to the British Crime Survey in 2014 the total number of domestic burglaries in England and Wales was around 50,000. Little wonder then that introducing security measures as a precaution is an increasing priority.

Improving Security with Home Automation

There is no doubt that basic measures such as leaving a light on a timeswitch will help and certainly introducing external security lighting tripped by movement does help dissuade intruders and can help to attract the attention of neighbours and passers by. However if you want to deter the professional burglar you probably need something a little more high tech. Automated systems can bring real peace of mind through a series of integrated measures.

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These might include:

  • Being alerted to changes or incidents by mobile phone, SMS or email
  • Being able to look at CCTV pictures of your home over the Internet
  • Being able to determine the status of your home and change the status of the alarm system

Advanced Home Security Systems

The best features of having an alarm system are not apparent until the alarm interacts with the house automation system. Integration of these 2 subsystems allows the motion detectors to operate all kinds of electrical devices:

  • Programming specific automatic security lights, and setting curtains or shutters to close and open in response to the time of day or the light levels
  • Being assured that built-in time clocks can automatically adjust for changing seasons, as well as for daylight savings time
  • Giving you the ability to alert neighbours for local surveillance
  • Providing disturbance warnings –e.g front of house monitoring reporting to rear garden
  • Automating fire and smoke detectors to dial out
  • Accessing controls remotely

The most sophisticated combinations of security system and home automation system can at one touch of a switch co-ordinate multiple selections. You can close all your curtains and/or shutters, set your downstairs intruder alarm zones and lock all of your external doors automatically!

Keeping an Eye on Your Property from Anywhere

The use of IP cameras can provide reassuring views of the home over the internet, from any computer, and also store recordings of incidents for use as evidence later. They can also be used to cover outbuildings, such as workshops and stables, and are ideal if you a regularly away from home.

Prevention Instead of Reaction

When planning the security of the home, prevention of a break-in is better than reacting to the break-in, and by integrating the alarm with the home automation much can be done to deter would-be intruders.


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