Retail outlets promote brands and product offerings via visual impact. When planning the layout and impact, introduce SMART technology.

Interior designers and lighting designers will all tell you that the way to make your product stand out is to make your outlet STAND OUT.

Lighting can be both dramatic and  can deliver high impact. Strategically positioned lighting, with the ability to change colour moods, scenes, rhythms can speak volumes to your customers that you are in tune with the way they wish to shop and the environment they wish to do it in.


Low level, changing zone window lighting when  your outlet is closed. External illumination of your outlet frontage, again with moods, styles, colours and rhythms.

Combine that high impact lighting with music. Sound to light options.  I think you’re getting to our wave length and our vision.

With low energy consuming LED  systems you can maximise the impact of your facility.

We can design countless moods and themes to maximise the impact and maximise the experience of the shopper. We simply add in subtle security elements and  deliver a cost effective high impact system that you can pre-program of alter at a touch of a screen or your Smart phone – either when you are at work or remotely.


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