Restaurants are a place to enjoy good food and socialise, in friendly groups or as an intimate experience between 2 people. A place to look forward to, a place to create and deliver lasting memories. Atmosphere and ambiance is of equal importance with quality of food, service and décor. SMART technology enables a restaurant owner to have centralised and remote control of the “feeling” of their establishment.

Introduce subtle ambient mood lighting to produce either an overall mood or introduce zoned areas. Create soft evocative streamed music with outstanding sound quality. Source music from the internet via iTunes, Spotify, Napster, Tidal, Deezer and many many more. Use your own CD collection or iPod/MP3 player.


Illuminate the outside with single or changing colours. Increase security and also provide a deterrent by integrating CCTV. All elements will be managed by a centralised controller, which is totally scalable to expand to additional elements, such as heating, video, door entry etc.

Via discretely hidden cables or a wireless system we can install this technology to fit in with variable opening times of your restaurant.

To avoid disturbance to the property we can utilise the existing lighting positions, replacing old light units with low energy, high spec’, aesthetically pleasing LED units of your choice. Speakers need not be ceiling mounted to deliver high quality sound. Again we can discretely position to optimise sound projection and performance without turning your restaurant into a building site!

Using smart phone, tablet or PC you can discretely control the look, feel and mood within AND OUTSIDE your restaurant.

Make your restaurant famed for its fine cuisine, quality of service AND IT’S AMBIANCE  – introduce SMART technology for that unforgettable WOW factor and make your customers have the ultimate dining experience.

We are specialists in home automation and cover the South of England.

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