Remote Lighting

There are many uses for remote lighting control or remote controlled lighting.

At its simplest this could mean the use of a remote control or an iPad or iPhone in the home. Just another way of reducing the agro of having to go to another part of the house to switch lights on or off. Lighting scenes can be predefined so that a simple touch on the screen sorts out the problem.

Lighting in inaccessible positions for example, or lighting in your weekend cottage which is there to deter the curious by coming on when anyone attempts to approach the house. No intruder will like being lit up while exploring a remote house. They can be seen for miles around.

Remote controlled lighting in remote places should preferably be low power. This can mean LED lighting or fluorescent and compact fluorescent lights. LEDs tend to be expensive but prices are falling as the technology gets better. Watch out for the cheapest Chinese made LEDs as these can have short lives. Well known makes are to be preferred. LEDs with an acceptable colour temperature are now available.

Fluorescent lamps are improving their usability all the time. With the right ballast they can now be dimmed as well as switched and give acceptable results.

For lighting in inaccessible places you would want to choose something which has a long life and uses little power. The obvious choice is LEDs, and multiple LEDs will give the best results. Emergency lighting will probably use a low power solution, again LEDs would be the most suitable.

Finally, remote control lighting systems are ideal for those with limited mobility, as it can be operated from a central control point.

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