Refurbishment  is a chance to breathe life into your home and rejuvenate your love for it. A well planned  home refurbishment project  can transform the way you view and interact with your home. In most prime postcodes it is economically viable to actually “improve and not move”.

By refurbishing, converting or extending, we can help you to optimise the newly created living space, and if needed continue the new technology theme through your home – Inside and outside.

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Simply updating the decor of your home can make a huge improvement.  When refurbishing your entire home  we can provide “wow factor” SMART home technology options that combine  new with old seamlessly. Without moving you can create a new home which enhances your lifestyle and is tailored to suit your specific needs.

With advances in wireless technologies and robust far reaching wifi, we can merge together wireless and hard wired elements  to create a “whole home” system. We use this knowledge and expertise to help guide clients to design that optimised whole house system that marries convenience, “wow factor”, effective use of energy, remote and centralised accessibility and of course…future proofing your investment.


Our full design install and support service ensures every aspect of the project is monitored and delivered to a very high standard, ensuring completion on time and budget, to the highest quality standard.

Though our network of partners we can offer interior design and lighting design, offering clients that full “turnkey” solution.

Home Extensions

Bespoke and uniquely tailored, home extensions have the potential to become the most spacious and attractive area of your property. Extending your home at the side, rear or upwards is a wonderful way to increase square footage and the value of your home.

The cost to construct per square foot, is lower than the cost to buy in many prime location areas, therefore extending and improving your home offers a fantastic alternative to relocation. For example; a rear extension can house a new kitchen, utility room, dining area or bathroom.

These rooms and square footage are commonly accepted to be the greatest factors affecting property value, as people are attracted to spacious useable areas.

Take the opportunity to consider two things – Firstly, prior to plastering, fully cable the new extension to be ready for the introduction of SMART home technology. Then secondly consider how much, what and where you would want the technology.

As with a refurbishment project, we can seamlessly merge hard wired automation in the new extension with wireless technology in the remainder of your home providing you with a whole home centralised system, remotely accessible and of course…all at a touch of a button.


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