Tailored Smart Home Solutions for your clients

Design stage is the critical part of any build. Your client briefs you what they want, but the most important part of any design stage is understanding what the client needs.

How does your client know what they need without full information about the complete range of solutions they could benefit from? It’s our job to understand what they need to truly compliment their dream home. This involves sitting down with the client and showing them what is available and even demonstrating the functions to them.

How we work
The Solent Electronic Home works closely with Architects and M&E Consultants to design and install bespoke Smart Home Technology for their clients. We are there from the beginning of the project, until completion. From attending client meetings at design stage, to onsite installation and then after-sales maintenance and upgrades to the latest revisions of software.

We offer a wide range of Smart Home Solutions for all the needs in the home

  • Home cinema
  • Audio
  • Lighting
  • Heating
  • Security



These can be full-on luxury solutions or cost-effective budget solutions depending on which part of the market you are tackling.

We always provide manufacturer approved solutions which are guaranteed to perform to the highest specification.
How can we meet?

We meet with many Architects and M&E Consultants to discuss the different solutions available for their clients. When a new project comes up and Smart Home Solutions is needed, simply give me a call and let’s discuss the design.

Chris Musgrave
0800 781 3909 or