Once upon a time one of the first questions a SMART technology installer would ask a potential client who was not building a new home from scratch was “Have you taken into account the amount of physical disruption there will be to install your system?” Cables had to be run and laid behind/within walls, meaning plaster removal, channelling, dust, rubble, making good, re-decorating. All at GREAT inconvenience and an added cost to a project.


All of this was irrelevant to period property owners as to retrofit would never be an option. The net result would be to not install technology or have unsightly exposed wires throughout the property.

As with most modern technology, SMART home technology has and is moving forward constantly.

Wireless products are now much more reliable, as wifi configurations can traverse long distances in thick walled properties, enabling continuity throughout. Using ZigBee or Z-way mesh technologies, there is no degradation in signal strength as zones are spanned wirelessly.

We at the Solent Electronic Home have developed systems that combine wired and wireless technologies to enable the owner of a period or listed building to enjoy a fully automated home, centrally controlled and remotely accessed.

Through experience, our installers will creatively find ways to conceal cables, and where it is impossible we will combine wireless and hard wired technologies together.

All this protects the fabric of the property and protects the internal decorative character.

So now you CAN introduce technology into your period or listed building – Just talk to the right people.


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