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Thank you for your guidance, design and installation. The whole project has exceeded our expectations and we wish you every success with future installations. I don’t know if you keep references or key performance indicators but, in case you do... Customer satisfaction with product 10 / 10 Customer satisfaction with service 10 / 10 Customer satisfaction with quality 10 / 10 ..''




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The Internet of Things

Monday, August 04, 2014
The Internet of Things is becoming a subject of discussion in the press.
Many of the comments about the security of devices do not show the complete picture.
Those of us who are working in the Smart-Home system business have been aware for a long time about the need to treat customers and their data with necessary seriousness.
Protecting customers data is no different from protecting the Internet of Things devices from hacking attempts.

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Latest Control4 Install at Sandbanks

Friday, August 23, 2013

Sandbanks is a superb holiday destination for many. Lie on the beach, windsurf or learn to windsurf at one of the renowned schools there, go sailing or visit the fleshpots of nearby Bournemouth. It is all there, close at hand. 

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Lighting Scenes: Advanced Lighting Systems

Intelligent lighting control systems allows the mood of any room to be altered at the touch of a button. The lighting can be arranged so that the architectural features of a room can be shown off to best effect.

Light the Room to Suit the Mood

Many rooms have multiple uses and the feeling of being in a dedicated room can be enhanced by configuring multiple scenes to correspond to the activities supported. In this way, a room used to watch a film will have only peripheral lighting activated during the film, but will have main lights on when the room is used for entertaining people or reading etc.

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Safer, Intelligent Lighting

Route lighting allows a series of lights to be turned on to light the route from one room to another at the press of a button.
For example you want to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. At the press of a button the route can be lit at low level to show the way safely and allow you to go back to sleep with ease afterwards.

When entering a darkened house, or going downstairs in the middle of the night, corridors, stairwells and the destination rooms themselves can be pre-lit. This can be triggered either by pressing a button or by using a motion sensor which is only activated during the hours of darkness.

Saving Time, Saving Energy

The advantages of having centralised control of all the lighting in the house are many, but think about leaving your house and wanting to make sure that you have turned off the lights. Using a standard button on a wall switch will allow you to turn off all the lights in the property at the press of a single button.

Find out how Lighting scenes can improve your lifestyle by contacting The Solent Electronic Home today to discuss your needs. Alternatively, call us for free on 0800 781 3909, and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Financing options available to suit any budget.

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