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It's great to have HD satellite and music in every room...the best thing is that it is hidden and it just works...''




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The Internet of Things

Monday, August 04, 2014
The Internet of Things is becoming a subject of discussion in the press.
Many of the comments about the security of devices do not show the complete picture.
Those of us who are working in the Smart-Home system business have been aware for a long time about the need to treat customers and their data with necessary seriousness.
Protecting customers data is no different from protecting the Internet of Things devices from hacking attempts.

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Latest Control4 Install at Sandbanks

Friday, August 23, 2013

Sandbanks is a superb holiday destination for many. Lie on the beach, windsurf or learn to windsurf at one of the renowned schools there, go sailing or visit the fleshpots of nearby Bournemouth. It is all there, close at hand. 

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Home Automation Creators - The Solent Electronic Home

No Quibble Guarantee

Home Automation Built Around You

We are proud to be able to display the CEDIA logo above. Our membership of this association provides protection to you, the customer when you  talk to us about Home Automation in your home.

The Solent Electronic Home helps you to make your home fit your lifestyle - not the other way around. We have experience in planning, designing and installing a wide selection of Home Automation System. By utilising the latest sound, video, lighting and security systems, your home can respond to your needs - automatically.

From advanced lighting that responds to your activity and saves power, multi-room audio to complete home theatre design, we can find the right technology for your home and budget. Our skilled team of installers work quickly and with minimum disruption, allowing home automation systems to be added to new builds or existing homes.

These new systems can be controlled by traditional switches, remote controls, advanced touch screens, from your PC or even from your mobile phone, giving the ability to monitor and control your home from anywhere in the world. This project is an excellent example of home automation, with remote control and monitoring using the Loxone system as a flexible power house of control.

Bringing the full cinema experience to your home, a complete home cinema system consists of a Television or projector plus screen, a 5.1 surround sound system with speakers and a video source. A home cinema system can be as simple as an upgrade or your existing television to a dedicated home cinema room with integrated lighting and advanced control systems. Read More

A huge upgrade from a traditional light switch, automated lighting systems give much greater control over every light in the house. Scene controls allow you to set lighting moods with the touch of a single button, while sensors can dim or switch off lights in rooms that are not in use, automatically restoring them only when needed.

Advanced lighting is also great for security, with sensor and timer controlled lighting able to both simulate activity and react to events. Read More

With High Definition (HD) video and MP3 music now readily available, the next generation of audio and video systems are making it available throughout the home. Multi-room sound systems allow you to listen to your music in any room in the house - or listen to different music in each room. Video streaming allows you to watch your Sky, Freeview or Media Centre from any television in the house.Read More

This is where the concept of a Smart Home starts to pay off. From a simple alarm to an advanced security system that is integrated with lighting and CCTV cameras and capable of sending alerts on unusual activity, we can install a security system to protect your home and property. With a huge range of options, including recording of CCTV images, remote monitoring and powered curtains, our security systems are effective and easy to use. Read More

Can you save power, but still maintaining a comfortable home climate? The latest energy control systems help you to heat and cool your home in the most efficient way. By monitoring the internal and external temperature and conditions, a smart heating or cooling system uses less energy, and maintains your home at optimal temperature.

Instead of a simple timer, an intelligent heating system can decide what form of heating to use, and when to use it, based on the current conditions and whether you are at home or not. Read More

By combining various system together, we can develop a truly advanced home automation system. With time or event triggers, you can set lighting, open or close curtains, set the desired temperature and play music and video to match your lifestyle - and save energy. This is where your investment in a smart home system really starts to pay dividends.

The addition of web based control systems can even allow you to do all this from anywhere in the world, using a web browser or a smart phone. Read More

Smart home systems are not just for homes. Business properties too can benefit from much of the new technology. Multi-room sound systems are ideal for hotels, health clubs and the hospitality industry. Home theatre equipment can be added to conference rooms and board rooms to allow presentations, seminars and training to be much more involving and effective.

Lighting and energy management systems can save power by reducing lighting and environment use in rooms that are not in use, with intelligent timers and sensors able to adapt to irregular working patterns. Offices: Read More Hotels: Read More

Go and see our latest training on the Latest News page.


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