Hotel breaks are becoming more and more popular in the UK. The pace of our busy lives make us look to take a relaxing break more and more often.

Hoteliers are constantly working tirelessly to capture these guests to ensure optimised occupancy during this “boom period”.

Whether you have a traditional, historic, modern or “boutique” hotel, SMART technology can transform the ambience and feel of your internal (and externally) environment, enhancing the overall experience enjoyed by your guests, and most importantly make them want to return AND tell their friends.


What investing in SMART technology can deliver:

  • Brings communal areas alive with variable levels of mood music
  • Introduces distributed HD audio to key areas of your establishment
  • Make your bar area(s) more vibrant places with countless themes, colours and options of lighting settings
  • Enhances your conferencing facility, increasing corporate businesses
  • Transforms the impact of the external aspects of your building with a subtly illuminated exterior adding class and sophistication. Illuminate the rear/side patio areas and add discrete low level external  speakers to add that “extra special touch” – the very thing that makes a lasting impression on guests
  • Make your dining area a place of ever changing moods that transcend through the day

By transforming your hotel with wired or wireless SMART technology it is realistic to expect:

  • Greater guest satisfaction, giving better feedback, giving higher ratings
  • Higher % of returning guests and word of mouth recommendations
  • More energy efficient systems
  • An amazing “Wow factor”, again enhancing guest satisfaction
  • Greater option and opportunities for corporate bookings
  • Improve your notoriety
  • Support a sustainable high room rate
  • Create more classes of rooms by enhancing greater levels of SMART technology within various classes/categories of rooms/suites
  • You will future proof your establishment – this technology continues to be embraced both domestically and commercially
  • You can enhance your marketing with “Our hotel is a SMART hotel”

Quite simply give your hotel AND YOUR GUESTS “the WOW factor!”