Beat the price increase! Take the control off the energy providers, GET SMART with a smarter home

British Gas announced a last month that electricity will go up by 12.5%. And now it’s very likely the other energy providers will follow suit. This is not helped by the government doing a U-turn on introducing price caps.

It’s never nice to hear the news that energy prices have gone up again, it sends families into despair, and people get angry about ever growing profit levels for energy providers. However, is a price rise really a huge shock?

You can take control of the situation! This doesn’t mean wear more layers of jumpers, brave cold showers or learn to see in the dark. All homes in the UK can live as they are, it’s just about getting smart now.

Advancements in technology in the last decade have meant light switches on our walls, lamps plugged into timers are not needed any more. We can control our home on phones, laptops, tablets and wireless controllers, whenever and wherever. Technology has given us the flexibility to make our homes more efficient and take back the control from energy providers.

We always recommend to our clients if they’re planning to live in their home for a while then why not invest in renewable methods for hot water and heating? Homes save hundreds of pounds a year using free energy. Free energy is there to use. Store it, use it and reap the benefits!

Two great examples of how wireless controls have helped:

  • Don’t need to leave on lights for the whole time when no one is home to make it look like someone’s there. Controlling lighting, making sure windows and doors are shut, can all be seen and actioned on a phone.
  • No longer do teenagers think they can turn up the heating when they’re home alone! Parents can be in control of the heating from their phone. Parents win the heating war!

Renewable Energy Sources

However, staying in control is not the only way to get smart in a home. No home is restricted to one form of heating or hot water method. Even homes without gas don’t just have to rely on storage and electric heaters any more. Renewable heating and hot water solutions are now becoming very affordable, even without government grants. There are so many to choose from:

  • Ground source heat pump
  • Air sourced heat pump
  • Bio-mass burner
  • Solar panels
  • Solar PV

We understand why a lot of homes don’t take up renewables, it’s confusing to know which one is right for their family’s needs. At The Solent Electronic Home we have the knowledge and the technology to report at consultation stage which renewable method is the right one. From analysing how energy is used in a home, a detailed report can determine which method would be the most efficient.

So even though the energy prices are only going to go one way and that is up, homes can still take back the control and manage their usage to make it more efficient for their home. Rising energy prices don’t have to be a bad thing, this has encouraged new technology which has given homes back the independence to make their own energy source decisions. There have never been so many energy sources to choose from, investigate this for your home!