Most of us take the word ‘independent’ for granted. We don’t know the true meaning of this word until we are dependent on our loved ones. This can be a frustrating and heart-breaking time, when you lose the freedom to be able to do even the most basic things.

We are all going to experience a time where we are dependent on our loved ones, this could be short-term (after an operation) or long-term. However, being ‘dependent’ no longer means you give up all your freedom and privacy, thanks to simple and affordable smart solutions which can be used around the house, and outside the home.

When a client contacts us to find out more about assisted living smart solutions there has usually been a particular incident which has led to them making an enquiry e.g. a loved one forgetting to turn the bath tap off, resulting in flooding the bathroom, hallway and the kitchen downstairs.

When a person makes a mistake like this, it usually affects their confidence, making them feel vulnerable and scared they’re going to lose their independence. This can be challenging for all involved, but it doesn’t need to mean they need to give up their freedom or privacy.

For our client whose loved one left the bath tap on, we were able to recommend a solution which senses when the bath water level is at a certain point (for sinks as well). The water shuts off immediately and the carer is alerted. This is just one solution that is giving back independence to our clients’ loved ones.

The most common assisted living solution is the panic alarm. Most of us know how to use one. If your loved one needs you then they can push a button and you will be alerted. You can have more than one carer who receives the alert. The alarm can alert the ‘primary carer’ first, if they don’t respond then an alert can be sent to the next carer and so on.

Access via a code and key fob is a great way to manage who comes into the home and saves your loved one from going to the front door. The person entering the home just needs to hold a key fob to a control panel and the door will open. This solution provides a safer alternative to keys and if the key fob gets lost, simply revoke the access permission via an app. The carer can also use this app to monitor who has been in their loved one’s home and for how long each day. Also, it’s useful to monitor your loved one’s routine. You can gain peace of mind that your loved one popped out and came home at their normal time.

Audio control is another great solution which verbally gives your loved one reminders. If your loved one is visually impaired or just prefers a verbal reminder, you no longer need to remember to contact them to do something, you can set messages at certain times and this message will play out in multiple speakers across the home. This is perfect to remind your loved one of what shopping they need to buy or a fun reminder, e.g. to watch a TV programme they would love to watch.

These are just a handful of assisted living smart solutions our clients are benefitting from to keep loved ones independent and carers gaining complete peace of mind.

Where do you go from here?

If you think your loved one could benefit from assisted living smart solutions, contact us. We will be able to give you an overview on the phone of the kind of solutions on the market. We would arrange a home visit to assess the home and design the smart solution package for your loved one. A lot of our solutions are wireless so drilling into walls is minimal and all solutions can be set up very quickly. Our team of installers will give one to one training on how to use the solutions and we are only one phone call away if you have any questions. Give us a call to give back independence for your loved one.